Liberate Your Landscape For Development

The initial stages of clearing and excavating land for new residential and commercial projects is challenging. Dealing with dense vegetation and other obstacles without the right equipment and know-how leads to delays and extra costs.

At Riley Dirt Services, we have over two decades of experience in earthwork services. We know the ins and outs of preparing land for construction. Our East Texas earthwork contractors turn potential roadblocks into smooth sailing for your development plans.

Whether you’re planning a residential subdivision or commercial development, Riley Dirt Services handles your land development with precision.

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Earthwork Services

For Your Land Development Project

Land Clearing

Our Texas land clearing contractors clear vegetation, trees, rocks, and other obstacles to prep it for development.


Our expert team handles excavation work, like digging trenches, grading, and leveling the land to ensure it meets project specifications.

Site Prep

Riley Dirt Service prepares sites for construction by removing debris, compacting soil, and optimizing drainage to create a stable foundation.


We offer commercial and residential demolition services to make way for new development projects.

Grading & Earthwork

Our team performs grading and earthwork services to shape the land according to design plans, ensuring proper drainage and erosion control.

Site Restoration

Once we're done, we clean up the site to minimize environmental disruptions and ensure we meet all regulatory standards.

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Kickstart your land development project with confidence. Contact Riley Dirt Services and let our expert team handle all your land clearing and excavation needs in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Louisiana.

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